What does Dombom do?

Diombom helps with everything, from website enhancements & upgrades, to design & development of new customized websites. We plan, design & develop websites of all kinds and categories

Build with Diombom

If you are in need of a website, but don’t know what’s to be done in order to get it them we’d urge you not to worry anymore. We will guide you through every step of the process, starting from planning to execution. All you need to to is to tell us the kind of website you are in need of, and we are going to handle the rest.

Diombom - Design & Planning

Plan & Design

We start with the planning of your website, followed by the design of the blueprint, which shall be followed during the development, if you approve of it.

Even during the process of development, we can still modify the original design. This is in a case where you change your mind about something, or a new idea popped up.



Once the proposed design has been approved, we start with the development of the website. During this period, we usually are still flexible enough to make modifications to the original masterpiece.

Diombom - Website Developer in Cameroon
Diombom - Website Hosting in Cameroon


Once we start the project, you can always check on the site to see the progress. This means the site becomes functional once we start working on it.

Why choose Diombom?

The first and main reason why you should choose to work with us is the fact that our customer satisfaction is a priority to us. In effect to this, we offer quality services – even at low prices.